Best Personal Air Purifiers 2023 | Wearable Air Filtration (2023)

Best Personal Air Purifiers 2023 | Wearable Air Filtration (1)If you are looking for the best personal air purifier that produces negative ions, rather than ozone, this page has a detailed review of the top models available and why they are recommended.

Wearable air purifiers, like the popular AirTamer ahead, can travel with you anywhere you go, no matter how polluted the air is.

You can use these personal air filtration devices when walking down a busy street, when stuck in traffic in your car or using public transport, or even when traveling on an airplane or train.

What is a Personal Air Filter?

These devices are miniature air ionizers, usually worn around the neck, that remove airborne pollutants and floating pathogens from your breathing space.

Good ionic air purifier necklaces generate negative ions to clean the air of germs, allergens and contaminants before you breathe them into your lungs. However, some poorly designed products on the market try to achieve the same result with ozone.

You’ll discover how to tell the difference and why these are best avoided ahead.

Why Would You Want a Wearable Air Purifier Necklace?

If you live in a city like most people, then the air you breathe each day can be very polluted. Ground level ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and fine particle pollution are behind many respiratory problems and breathing difficulties.

Older people, and those with existing lung conditions, are at extra risk, but all of us can experience fatigue, lower immunity, and diminished wellness and energy when we breathe polluted air on a regular basis.

Within your home you can easily remedy this dangerous problem with an ionic air purifier like one of these.

What about when you are walking on the street though, or have to spend a lot of time in poor air environments like offices, airplanes, public transport, or any enclosed space with many people?

Travel air purifiers, like this great little wearable one I use, provide a simple way to clean the air you breathe immediately under your nose, regardless of how bad it may be around you.

As well as combating pollution, the portable ionizers recommended ahead will flood your breathing space with energizing negative ions and reduce positive ion exposure.

They also work well for indoor air pollution and can help prevent you breathing in dust mite allergens, pollen, pet dander, airborne germs and mold spores into your lungs.

What to Look For and Avoid in a Personal Ionizer

1. Avoid Ozone

Best Personal Air Purifiers 2023 | Wearable Air Filtration (2)There are two common methods of air cleaning used by wearable air purifiers — negative ion generation and ozone production.

I would highly recommend you avoid any personal ionic air purifier necklace that relies on ozone, rather negative ions, especially one you will be wearing so close to your nose.

While ozone does destroy airborne pathogens, it can also be an irritant at high levels.

This is an unnecessary risk when corona discharge ionization will both clean the air and provide numerous benefits, without the side effects of reactive ozone.

2. Higher Ion Production

The more negative ions your personal ionizer produces the better its ability to remove pollution and contaminants from the air you breathe.

Negative ions are usually measured in ions per cubic centimeter per second and you would be looking for an output of at least 1 million cm3/sec to be effective.

3. Effectiveness, Reliability and Ease of Use

Customer reviews of popular personal air filters on Amazon are often a good way to get an idea of the ease of use, build quality and effectiveness of any personal air filtration device you are considering buying.

If there are dozens of reviewers giving a predominantly positive rating it’s obviously much more likely to be a reliable and effective wearable ionizer than a product that has very few ratings.

Problems can happen with any electronic product, but Amazon has a dedicated returns center. Most sellers offer returns for items within 30 days of receipt of shipment, though it’s best to check this on the individual product page.

Keeping in mind what to avoid and what to look for when choosing the best travel air purifier, here are my top 3 picks for wearable air ionizers in 2023.

I base these choices on my detailed research, contacting each company directly and owning the first recommendation myself.

Best Quality Personal Air Purifier — AirTamer A310

Best Personal Air Purifiers 2023 | Wearable Air Filtration (3)This A310 model I have is a stylish and powerful little air ionizer that generates more than 2 million beneficial negative ions per cubic centimeter every second.

At 1.8 by 3.5 inches, it’s very small for such a strong negative ion generator and quite slim at only 0.8 thick.

You can place it close beside you on your work desk to purify the dusty and draining positive ion heavy air at most offices.

Better still, wear it around your neck whenever you are in a polluted environment, like a smog-filled city street, near smokers, or on public transport to protect against airborne germs and combat body odor smells and cloying fragrances.

The AirTamer A310 is FCC certified for airline safety, so it is fine to fly with. Having this neck air purifier for airplanes working while flying can help protect you from circulating pollutants and pathogens, which are often concentrated in confined spaces like plane cabins.

It also does not to release any harmful EMF emissions and has virtually undetectable ozone levels. At only 4 parts per billion, the AirTamer personal ionizer is more than 10 times lower than the EPA’s recommended 50 parts per billion limit on ozone from electronic equipment.

It comes with an adjustable conductive lanyard that actually increases ionic air purification around the wearer. There’s a simple breakaway feature if you need to take it on and off quickly too.

I also particularly like the fact that you can charge it via USB like a smartphone, rather than relying on batteries, as was the case with the older AirTamer A302 model.

A single USB charge will power this little portable ionizer for over 150 hours of continuous use, so there is no reason not to keep it on and cleaning your personal airspace all day.

How Does the AirTamer A310 Work?

Best Personal Air Purifiers 2023 | Wearable Air Filtration (4)The AirTamer will create an approximately 3-foot wide radius of safer air around you whenever you switch it on.

It works by generating over 2 million healthy negative ions per cm3 every second from the tiny black brush at the top of the ionizer.

These ions propel upward and away from the AirTamer so it’s important to have it close to you and facing up or towards you if it’s not around your neck.

Due to their electrostatic charge, negative ions will naturally attach themselves to airborne pollutants like pollen, pet dander, dust mite allergens, cigarette smoke, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, fine particles, mold spores and germs attached to water vapor.

Once this happens, the floating contaminants become attracted to positively charged surfaces in the vicinity, such as tables, windows and walls. No longer floating in the air, you won’t be able to breathe them into your lungs where they do their damage.

The Airtamer A310 is even effective at combating harmful cigarette smoke in the surrounding air, one of the most difficult forms of air pollution to filter out.

According to the company’s website: “In independent tests by the prestigious Intertek test laboratory, AirTamer reduced airborne smoke particles by 98.9% in just 5 minutes.”

The Top Travel Ionizer

The small size, stylish design, long lasting charge and high negative ion output make the AirTamer the best personal air purifier currently available. It’s relatively new but that means it has the best technology packed into a very compact wearable ionizer.

You can read the many positive customer reviews and check the price on Amazon here.

It’s a great investment in your long-term wellbeing and many people comment on how quickly their energy levels increase once they start using the AirTamer to stop breathing in polluted air.

Best Value Air Purifier Necklace — Wein Mini-Mate Air Supply

Best Personal Air Purifiers 2023 | Wearable Air Filtration (5)Wein makes a great high negative ion output air ionizer for your home or workplace, so I was interested to research what they had come up with in their wearable personal air cleaner — the compact Air Supply available here.

This little air filter necklace produces more than 1.5 million negative ions a second per cubic centimeter and weighs only 43 grams.

It’s dimensions are 1.5 by 2.5 inches making it smaller than the AirTamer, though just slightly thicker at 0.85 inches.

Once again, ozone is virtually undetectable with this wearable ionizer at less than 3 parts per billion versus the 50 parts per billion safe limit from the EPA.

Also, like the previous personal air cleaner reviewed, the Mini-Mate comes with a breakaway neck strap and it is recommended to wear around your neck for maximum air purification and allergen reduction.

The biggest difference between the Air Supply Mini-Mate and the AirTamer is that Wein’s miniature ionizer is powered by a battery and cannot be charged by USB.

There is a battery included when you first buy this little personal air filter and it will last for approximately 50 hours of use with one battery.

If you want to use the daily it would be best to buy rechargeable lithium batteries of the same size. These are fine to use for air travel according to the FAA.

Comparing the Top 2 Wearable Air Purifiers

The reviews for the Wein Mini-Mate AS150MM aren’t as positive overall as the AirTamer A310. Though I did contact the manufacturer Wein and they confirmed by email that the Mini-Mate comes with a 1-year warranty.

The biggest selling point of this battery operated personal ionizer though is how much less it costs than the previous model. Check the current price but I’d be surprised if it isn’t much less than you would have expected.

If you are on a tight budget, or only intend to use it occasionally, then the Mini-Mate Air Supply is very good value for such an effective little travel ionizer.

However, overall the newer and more powerful AirTamer A310 still looks like the better personal air cleaner.

Top New Personal Air Filtration Device — InvisiClean Mini Ionizer

Best Personal Air Purifiers 2023 | Wearable Air Filtration (6)The new InvisiClean mini is a small and compact battery powered portable ionizer that you wear around your neck or clip onto your clothes.

While perhaps not as stylish as the AirTamer, it does produce a comparable amount of negative ions — approximately 3 million per second according to the manufacturer.

Powered by a rechargeable battery, this little travel air purifier can run for up to 240 hours on a single charge. That’s many days of use before it will need charging with the included USB cable.

Take it to work in polluted offices, for shopping trips on smog filled streets, when driving long distances, or even traveling on buses, trains or airplanes.

The InvisiClean mini ionizer is also extremely light, at only 1.4 ounces, and very compact, measuring just 1.8 x .95 x 2.7 inches.

With no fans or moving parts it is also completely silent to operate and comes with a 1 year warranty.

See this newer model here at an affordable price. It’s definitely serious competition for the AirTamer as the best personal air purifier of 2023.

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Do personal air filters work against Covid? ›

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What should I know before buying an air purifier? ›

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